Louise, Fernanda, Ryan, Justin, Leon, Ash River, Gavin

Notes from watchdog meeting

New Nearline metrics
  • Trigger rates for the cosmic and numi triggers, overlaid with the spill rate. This plot is designed to identify when the numi trigger is not running or when the trigger rates are doubled.
    This plot is now on the near line front page for the FD and shifters seem to be understanding it.
    Action => Email this weeks shifters and get feedback.

FEB drop out rate. Very interesting plot for the FD, can see three failure modes. The large regions that drop out at the end of the detector, DCM drop outs and individual drop outs.

Dissuasion of causes of the large area of FEBs that drop out. The plot shows this happens about once per week so will be hard to track down.
  • Suggestions, lights on the catwalks. Ash River suggested they could turn out the lights for a test. Ash River also commented that maybe the Chiller could be related.
  • A historical study of these drop out may reveal something
  • For the near detector the drops seems to be confined to a small number of channels. Suggesting these should be easy to fix.

The Near Detector noise rate continues to be low, it is increasing but a slow rate.
Fernanda showed plots of the noise rate for the 'good' non-A147 APDs that have been installed on the ND. Show very positive results that the noise rate is low and remaining flat.

Dissuasion of what to go on Mark's Laminated Card for shifters
  • Check for not green boxes
  • Check event display, no empty DCMs and all DCMs are reporting
  • Check Triggers, both scalers and OnMon
  • Check 1Hz trigger is 1Hz
  • Check, if beam is on, that you can see neutrino events in ND. Also check that timing peak is correctly located.
  • Check OnMon plots in shift folder. Every 30 mins?
  • Have Nearline up and running
  • Don't cover up guis or screens
Dissuasion of putting together shifter videos
  • will make a test video of starting and stopping a run.
  • Team IU will try to make use of the video editing software on their CR Macs.
  • It was suggested Martin who is on shift next week might be good for the voice over.

Louise showed a new website for shifter information that she has been putting together.

Ash River commented that they had done work on the lights on the 11th. The new nearline release meant that there was no information on this at the moment, but should be checked once plots are back filled.

Notes from Summery at Operations meeting

People like the new plots and the work that is being done to improve shifter tools.
Permission was given to make a test video using the near detector.