02/24/2014 Minutes


Gavin, Michael


Discussed the scariness of night shifts given the instability and frequency of water leaks!

Michael would like "looking at the event display" to be a requirement for the shift checkout form. Check that it makes sense and can see tracks in all DCMs configured on.

Michael looking into why not all recent OnMon files are available. Looking at AR the raw files are there and OnMon not run on everything. Will try to understand why. Identified stale lock files left over from Friday before the power outage so only ran at 25% capacity. Running only 1 of 4 machines because the others had stale lock files. Keep up is back up and running.

Michael has rolled out a new release for Nearline Reco: S14-02-24
Dominick should use this for data "calibration" processing.

Control Room tags moving forward will be truncated tags for OnMon and EVD - not useful for anything else.

Looking at Watchdog plot there are still Multiple instances of "empty event" single subruns so we can see this with Dominick's changes. How do we interpret these??