First watchdog meeting with ready talk screen sharing - Think it was a hit

Meeting Notes

Lots of discussion about a FD issue last night, which saw rates drop across whole detector alot. It appears to start and finish with a timing sync.

Cause is unknown but DAQ experts are now looking into it.

Even more discussion on how the shifters totally failed to notice the issue.

Suggestion/comments/questions where

  • If shifters answer "can not explain" on nearline form, make them fill about a more detailed from looking at more metrics to see if they can figure it out.
  • Do we want shifters to fill out a similar form at some point during their shift any way?
  • After a sync have shifters look at detector after a sync and confirm that things are still ok.
  • Can we make shifters come to watchdog meeting?

ND is still quiet after water leak.

New ND good runs plots. Run duration plot and timing peak plots are missing.
Action => someone should email Barnali

New ND metrics are available
  • Action => Are low and high ADC values in the right place?

I have a update at the operations meeting. Notes from that are:

Operation meeting notes/comments

Jaroslav liked idea have a more idea detailed nearline form. So we can work on getting that sorted.
I asked about how often shifter should do nearline and suggestion was at end of every run. Far detector runs being normally just less than 4 hours.
We did not discuss how often for ND.

Alec requested that new OnMon be rolled out soon. Jaroslav like the idea.

*Jaroslav asked about the possibility of OnMon reference plots.

Discussion of making shifters do checks after a sync. Shifters should see FEBs come back in OnMon and check event display.
*Maybe a form they fill out confirming this? With pictures?

*There was discussion of why of many ND runs are bad. Seem to be mainly(?) due to low POT subruns? Confirmation would be nice.