02112014 Minutes

Attending: Muether, Baird, Kuldeep, Nitin, Siva

Smooth runninng on partitions 1: Run restarted at ~6am to to RC issues.

We went through the nearline reco plot: With the new webpage team Kuldeep, Siva

In past 24 hrs.
Average plane cell seem to indicate track in diblock 1 only.
Cosmic track length increased by 1m
(AFTER THE MEETING: Evan found that several chains on the Far detector were out of sync and fixed this issue.)

Siva - Reprocessing, SAM.

Dom - Watchdog page queries SAM now. Spotty coverage for Raw to reco.
-Project: Look into notes run category discrepancies. Number of subruns is greater than onmon in a few bins.

Michael: Duplicate events were reported.