02052014 Minutes

Attending: Mat, Evan, Siva, Pavan, Nitin, Michael, Gavin

- Interlock testing
- New partition scheme is in place part 1: dib 1 and 2, part 2: all apd dibs, part 3: else

Nearline report:
- Beam is of for 2 to eight hours beginning at around 11:30.
- Another db issue (if queries fail; data goes into unknown)
- New release has the partition in the onmon.
- OnMon web plat script segfault on single event subrun. (returned zero on subrun length;)
- Michael B: Possibly coming to the lab on Monday.

Watchdog page:
- Database replication error: We’ll check again when Jon thinks this is fixed.

Scanning Production:
- Scanning will be announced soon….

- Will circulate background slides for timing hunt.