02042014 Minutes

Attending: Gavin, Pavan, Michael, Dom, Mat, Evan, Nitin, Kuldeep, Mark reveals himself

APDs installed on 6-6.

Nearline - Separated by partition, ask ifdbprod DB causing issue (DB shutdown) over weaken
- Nearline scripts are crashing (DB issues again)
- Working on divorcing self from DB (Knows the path forward)
- Nick hit efficiencies stuff talks to DB (Nick could make it not talk to it)
- Can get partition number from raw file with a specific fhicl parameter. Flat DAQ data.

- Changes to alleviate DB (ifdbrep is the first). This is a clone on a new server.
- Mark suggests creating test scripts.
- Simultaneous grid jobs: 1300 slots
- Friday at 2 to discuss.

-Gavin is going provide Michael a test file. Files are through Event (Will test.)

Dom - Asking Mark a question about POT.

Evan - Genreal change made to FarDet timing (P1 12887)
(P2 12886)
- Dibock Delay (93 ns offset between diblocks)
- Calculated
- Reads delays (FD01) record
- DCM delay (200 ns across the chain) coming soon.

Nearline working:
Manage Web Plot Script (Hayes)