01312014 Minutes


Michael, Dominick, Susan, and Nick

File Transfer

From Dominick's plots, it looks like FTS has caught up with transferring raw files to FNAL (through run 12800.)


Michael mentioned again that the new Nearline website is now live. Dominick made a few suggestions to improve some of the aesthetics and wondered if it would make sense to show some of the plots area normalized.

Nick and Michael discussed how to incorporate the cell hit efficiency plots into the nearline suite of plots. Some questions were:
  • How often do we make these plots (once per day???)
  • Do we need to make the plot for the whole cell or maybe just the far end?
  • How do we digest this down to an appropriate amount of info?
    In the end it was decided that we could make plots averaged over each module of the cell hit efficiency at the far end and a similar plot showing the st. dev. of cell hit efficiencies. These plots could be made in the OnMon hitmap style. This is just one idea and Nick will coordinate with Jim to make the desired plots.


Michael reported that according to the new Nearline reco plots, it looks like NDOS had some kind of major incident between 1:00am and 6:00am. This was indicated by massive increases in quantities like number of slices/tracks per spill. The log book doesn't shed much light on this incident, but NDOS seems to have recovered.