01/30/2014 Minutes


Michael, Dominick, Gavin (Susan and Nick in the background)

Watchdog subgroup: MMaDoG CATE (or GAS)!

Michael, Mat, Dominick and Gavin Care About The Experiment - or are mad enough to attend these meetings every day!

File Transfer

Dominated the meeting today.
The FTS has not transferred files from AR into the SAM database. Errors on the transfer indicate "Checking if file is wanted by remote FTS" and there are also error messages about files with 0 size. The datadisk02 filled up over the weekend so we moved to datadisk-03. Related? At any rate, we are concerned that because the datadisk filled up and continued to try to put files there that we have files of 0 size and have lost data. We need to follow up on this. Once FTS plays catch-up we can determine if that is the case.

Dominick is adding PID completed files to the Watchdog plot and is going to make me an all-time plot so I can verify that I have processed everything to Reconstruction at least. It's updating now and looks great


Michael will showcase reco at the nearline. We discussed Fernanda's Hardware Watch page. It has a lot of information to parse. We're starting to get to grips in understanding all of the details. We should get what the doc-db to accompany this is to help us understand it further.