01/29/2014 Minutes


Michael, Mat, Jim, Mark, Gavin


Reconstruction plots are online.
Fernanda's Hardware watch pages are also live now. These will be very useful going forward. We should look at these regularly to aid us in understanding detector conditions.
Really needs someone to help take on web page maintenance. Hayes is touted as a potential to take over a lot of tasks.
Michael has sent out a list of tasks and we have folks interested in working on them such as Jose, Nitin, Kuldeep, Pavan and Siva.
Want to get Nick's efficiency plots included in the nearline. Michael will at least get the scripts from Nick but he is NOT to do this himself.


Keep working on reconstruction of Data to pick up as much into January as possible for neutrino search.
Don't make scan files until have everything available.
Ongoing database issues. Need metrics to help understand failure rates. Mark made request to Jon/Lisa.

Noted that Watchdog page shows missing data files on dCache post run 12700. Need to follow up on this.