01/27/2014 Minutes


Dominick, Michael, Gavin, Kuldeep, Nitin


Michael given permission to turn Nearline reco jobs on the FarDet as "nearline" user.
Watchdog plots not updating since Friday because of the nova pwd file created not existing in older tags.
Jan is in transit but he is to contact Dominick about the DB password for the blessed plots page.
Dominick will transition the watchdog plots to querying SAM once we start running reconstruction on the data.
Michael needs to re-process all nearline jobs in a new tag so that we have the nearline history, low priority.
He starts his jobs all the way back at the daq2rawdigit stage. I claim he should use the unpacked files that are in SAM now and make a dataset of them. Once he has this dataset it is just a simple case to make the reconstructed nearline files and save the output histograms. A new user should be assigned to this also

Detector conditions

FarDet looks noisy. We think less than 50% of data is passing Joao's cuts over the past week.
Replacing some APDs on Di-block 2 (?) and installing APDs elsewhere.
Water leak over the weekend so high voltage was off. Not sure what the extent of this is or where it was. We see this in the nearline plots as a wave effect in the FEB Hit Rate weekly plots as the detector is noisy when high voltage is turned back on.
It would be good to see a plot showing percentage of goodsubruns we collect over time. i.e. correlate Joao's list with the hit rate plot. This is a good task for a new member. Michael will provide a list of nearline tasks that he has with this one added and Mat and I will talk about getting Kuldeep, Nitin et al assigned to the tasks as part of their watchdog contribution.