Fernanda, Ryan, Justin, Mat, Gavin, Louise

Recent Updates

Fernanda working on including metrics Louise requested for Hardware Watchlists. Everybody appears to be doing watchlists independently.
Keith is running his version manually (grabbing DB info) with uncommitted code. This is Far Detector only.

Making Watchlist once per week.
Mark M added a plot to OnMon that counts in intervals of 100 events for FEB drop-outs. A drop-out metric added to HW watchlist.
Should give a good handle on regularity of FEB drop-outs (shut-offs). No other metric catches this.

Encourage people to use OnMon. Nearline front page should just be what folks can't see in OnMon otherwise i.e. higher level reco level items.

Kyle's DDT plots are missing. Kyle is missing.

Far Detector

No beam since 5am 01/14 possibly until 01/15 am.

Power outage from 3pm 01/13. We were running 14db and after power outage there are a few shortruns without diblocks 10 and 12. Failed to configure hardware.
01/12 recovery from dry gas 'incident'.
01/11 stropped after normal air and started running on the nitrogen, and then ran out of nitrogen and started to see issues. 8am noticed the issue.

Near Detector

Near Detector got a lit noisier. DDActivity track metric looks to be slightly decreasing. Correlates to number of slice hits per subrun, which also matches number of noise hits increasing.
Would be nice to see a zoom version of the numi plot. Is this affecting the numi spills and the physics output??

Action Item: Ryan to make zoomed version of the numi month plot of slice hits per subrun. Is it also on the decrease??

Fernanda will start publishing the "pink" plots again. Will use the DDActivity trigger.