Troubleshooting on Shift

Common issues to run into on shift, with suggested solutions.

Beamline DAQ Issues

MessageViewer Froze

Close Message Viewer by clicking the old "X". Then restart it with the desktop icon "StartBeamlineMessageViewer."

If that fails, then open a new terminal, and do the following:

[novadaq@novabeamlinedaq00 ~]$ msgviewer -c /tmp/msgviewer_partition0_novadaq.fcl

A new message viewer will appear.

Beamline DQM issues

Occasionally, the beamline DQM won't start. You may get errors along the lines of 'No init message received'.

Before contacting an expert, try restarting the beamline DAQ. The DAQ and DQM both need to be restarted, just restarting the DQM will not work. This solves most of the problems.


Zoom occasionally crashes on the shift computers in ROC-MCenter, and will display an empty window shell with no way of connecting to a meeting. When this happens, try finding

ps aux | grep -i zoom

and killing all instances of Zoom which were running. Then try launching again from the Desktop icon.

Note Zoom runs on the control room machine itself (not the VNC), so you need to search for Zoom processes in a local terminal (ftbf-cr-03).

Losing GPS lock

If GPS lock appears lost in this manner, just click "Connect"