Timing and spills

Running the Spill Server

On a DAQ machine, set up the software:

setup_online -z 1 --opt

and then run the script to start the spill server:


(this is for a specific Ops release).

This starts the NssApp on the TDU and the Spill Forwarder on the test-trigger machine.

Logs are placed in


TDU Spill numbering

The various spill types the TDUs see are listed below.

1: BNB (evt 0x41b) - Beamline trigger
4: AccelOneHztclk (evt 0x18f)
7: SuperCycle (evt 0x100)
10: TBSpill (evt 0x139) - Full 4.2s spill

IRM Outputs

The TCLK outputs for each of our IRM channels (2-26-2019) are as follows:
  • 0: $00 (RESET)
  • 1: $8F (1Hz)
  • 2: $30 (switchyard reset for long spill extraction)
  • 3: $36 (switchyard post-beam)
  • 4: $31 (switchyard reset for extracted beam)
  • 5: Software triggered
  • 6: $00+delay (END READOUT)
  • 7: $00+delay (END READOUT)