How to login to NOvA DAQ test stand

ssh -Y

(You must first be added to the .k5login)

How to open a VNC session

Open the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and VNC Viewer. You will need to enter your services password to the Cisco Client.

ssh -f -L 5912:localhost:5951 -N

Now choose the correct screen in VNC Viewer.

See for downloading the Cisco Client.
Another useful page is for downloading RealVNC.

Within RealVNC/VNC Viewer localhost:5912 will connect you to the virtual desktop.

How to monitor external trigger pulses

ssh -Y
ssh -Y root@YOURTDUIP

SpillServerApp-Standalone -D 0

How to control Power supplies

Both HV and LV power supplies can be controlled by either:

  • NetSNMP (Terminal after logging into novadaq-test-master) must also have a copy of WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt

OR (for windows only)

  • MUSEcontrol (Windows only, downladed from WIENER downloads)
    • For LV Supplies, MUSEcontrol can be used to control the power supplies. For HV, MUSEcontrol can be used to upgrade the firmware but cannot control the HV outputs.

LV Power Supply IP:
HV Power Supply IP:

Monitor HV with web browser

The output voltage and current can be monitored of each channel of the high voltage power supply can be
monitored at a web browser at
To do this, I set up a ssh tunnel in firefox (or any non default web browser). To open the tunnel, ssh into it on your home machine using:

ssh -D 8888 -f -C -q -N

NetSNMP Control

General Commands:
There are three snmp commands used to interface with the power supplies:

snmpwalk -v 2c -m +<path>/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c public $IP $name                     //Returns a list of parameters 
snmpget -v 2c -m +<path>/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c public $IP $name.$index               //Returns parameter related to the specified channel chosen by $index
snmpset -v 2c -m +<path>/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru $IP $name.$index $format $value  //Sets a chosen parameter for a specified channel to some value (You need to be *guru* to use snmpset)

  • $name is the name of the variable being read or written
  • $index is the channel you are performing the command on. Begins with lower case u.
    • LV: uM, M is the channel number (0-5)
    • HV: uNMM N is the slot number of the HV card (0-7), MM is the channel number (00-15)
  • $format is the type of variable either F (float, note upper case) or i (integer, note lower case)
  • $value is what you are setting that variable to

Basic instructions:
After setting up the both power supplies and connecting it to the network, you must turn on the power supply remotely using snmpset at the command line. To do this turn on the main switch, set voltages and turn on each channel. (Similarly for turning stuff off, but in the opposite order.) For the LV supply, there is a script that does all of this called located in /home/novadaq/ on novadaq-test-master.

Turning on LV Supply:

  • To turn on the main LV switch:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru sysMainSwitch.0 i 1         <-- One at end turns it on, zero would turn it off          
  • To set the required LV Supply Voltages for each channel:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u0 F 3.5
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u1 F 24.0
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u2 F 3.5
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u3 F 24.0 
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u4 F 3.5
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u5 F 24.0
  • To turn on each LV channel:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputSwitch.u0 i 1
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputSwitch.u1 i 1
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputSwitch.u2 i 1
    ... (and so on, for each channel up to u5)
To turn off the LV supply:
  • Set voltages to zero:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u0 F 0
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputVoltage.u1 F 0
  • Turn off each switch:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputSwitch.u0 i 0
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru outputSwitch.u1 i 0
  • Turn off main switch:
    snmpset -v 2c -m +/home/novadaq/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c guru sysMainSwitch.0 i 0                   

To check the available channels:

snmpwalk -v 2c -m +<path>/WIENER-CRATE-MIB.txt -c public $IP outputName

  • Output for LV will look like:
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u0 = STRING: U0
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u1 = STRING: U1
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u2 = STRING: U2
  • Output for HV will look like:
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u400 = STRING: U400
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u401 = STRING: U401
    WIENER-CRATE-MIB::outputName.u402 = STRING: U402
There are some scripts in /home/novadaq on
  • The script turns on the main switch, sets voltages, and turns on each channel for the LV supply.
  • sets voltages to zero, turns off each channel, and turns off the main switch.
  • sets the LV settings to the correct values.
  • sets the HV settings to the correct values. (Soon I will add a and a in the same directory.)

There are more scripts in /home/novadaq/testRelPowerUtilities/PowerUtilities/scripts.

More detailed information can be found in: