Synoptics Monitoring

In order to use the synoptics monitoring via the web interface, navigate to Scroll down to Nova_TestBeam. Monitoring for each system is listed here.

To open the synoptics monitoring in the Synoptic Viewer
  1. Double-click the Start Synoptic Viewer icon on CR-03.
  2. Click Yes on the following pop-ups.
  3. If you see the display you want listed in the recent displays, select it. Otherwise, click cancel/close.
  4. Click the download button (second from the left). Choose Nova_TestBeam and navigate to the display you need. For the detector, there is a TestDetIndex that you can open to allow you to open all the other displays more easily. An index for the beamline displays is in progress.

A couple of things which are currently relevant are listed below. Feel free to look around at all the monitoring information!

Magnet monitoring

Magnet_M1 contains the magnet monitoring plots. Look at current, temperature and cooling here.

Beamline monitoring

We currently have monitoring for the Trigger Scalars, MWPCs, and Cherenkov Counter. These can all be opened from the TestBeam_Main display by clicking on the device names, but this page currently only works in Firefox (not in the Synoptic Viewer).