SIS 3800 Scaler Module

The SIS 3800 Scaler module has 32 channels. Please use the #tb_dcs channel on slack or cc Varun Raj
(or Yagmur Torun, or Peter Filip) on any email communication regarding this module.

The above ACNET devices (set up by Dennis Nicklaus) are served by SIS 3800 scaler VME board in MC7b.

Device Information

The scaler module SIS3800 has two ECL input ports for 34-conductor ribbon cables. Each port can carry 16 channels.
The SIS3800 module has also 4x LEMO Control input ports, currently configured to Reset separately 4 groups of Counters.
Channels of Group 1 (00 - 07) and Groups 3,4 (16 - 23 and 24 - 31) are reset every spill, using the Accelerator TTL pulse.
Channels of Group 2 (08 - 15) are reset every 10 spills, using Trigger Divider NIM module (with adjustable divider factor).

Additional Functionality was/is implemented (by Brian Hendricks):
ACL Launch Service script will reset E:T5STRG timer whenever Z:NOVTSC24 counter exceeds a value of 444001.
Upon this point, E:T5STRG timer activates TTL signal, which was used (can be used) to reset Z:NOVTSCxy
counters group, if E:T5STRG cable of LEMO TTL type is plugged into the desired SIS3800 LEMO Control input.

Another Scaler module SIS 3805 is plugged into the VME Crate in MC7b.
It comes from PREP/FNAL, and is not verified to be in 100% condition (channel 00 exhibited chaotic behavior).
Individual channels were confirmed to count TTL pulses, but Resetting of Counters by SIS3805 "Control Input"
(20 pin Ribbon cable) was not demonstrated (SIS3805 needs to be properly initialized for this functionality).

ACNET device names of the SIS3805 module

Z:NOVTSDxy (with xy = 00-31)

were verified to be updating, after enabling them via ACNET_CONSOLE at page E108 (subpage 15).

This SIS3805 scaler requires input pulses to be TTL. This is thorny, because ribbon cables do not usually carry TTL inputs.
As such, TTL inputs must be passed through a patch panel of Flat-Ribbon <--> LEMO type. Many patch panels are stored in MC-8
(ask Todd for a key). There is one Patch Panel in MC7b, which was tried (P.Filip) to be used for this purpose, but
common ground of the aluminum patch panel and [ LEMO <---> ribbon cable ] signal polarities were not fully solved.

More information on the SIS 3805 module can be found in the SIS 3805 manual.
Our SIS 3805 module was confirmed as TTL type by German producer using the Serial Number.
Also, Giulio Stancari is using this same module at IOTA.
Email him if you want to take a look at how they use it.