Running the beamline DAQ

This page will detail progress and descriptions of the beamline DAQ setup and instructions on how to run the system.


The base release of the beamlinedaq code is located on novabeamlinedaq00 at


For more details, please see DAQ Overview and links therein.

Configuring the DAQ

The configurations for each of the components are located in


on the novabeamlinedaq00 machine. The DAQ software looks in this directory for configurations by default.

The relevant config files for the NOvA test beam are V1495.config (trigger board configuration), V1742.config (TOF digitization config) and TDC.config (MWPC readout config). The first line in each file turns on or off each component. Settings should be stable for running so only alter if required and you are an expert!

Running the DAQ

To run, simply execute