Run Coordinator Information


Coordination: Operations:
  • Run Coordinator checklist at the start of your shift
  • Gas checklist at the start of your shift (this is reminded of in the Run Coordinator checklist)
  • Computing checklist on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Email shifters (see example below).
  • Arrange shadow shift for those who require one
  • Know who can do a controlled access if they have training; remind them to have a dosimeter if so
  • Check trainings:
    • Required (if shifting from FTBF at any point):
      • FTBF Hazard Awareness Training (PDFTBF01 / CB)
    • Not required for taking shifts, but useful to know who is training to work or do an access in MC7:
      • MC7 Enclosure Hazard Awareness Training (PDMC7001 / CR)
      • Radiological Worker - Classroom (Virtual) (FN000470 / CR)
      • Radiological Worker - Practical Factors (FN000471 / OJ)
      • Fermilab Controlled Access (FN000311 / CR)
  • Access to all shift machines
  • Working ECL account

Controlled Access Trained

People who are controlled access trained and typically at or around the lab:

  • Mike
  • Yagmur
  • Andrew
  • David
  • Anna
  • Cathal
  • Anne

Example email

Example email sent to shifters week before shift:

Hi all,

You will be on NOvA Test Beam this week, so I just wanted to provide some additional information. Since you're all very familiar with our operations, hopefully it should be a smooth week!

Test beam shifts will be taken either from ROC-MCenter at FTBF or ROC-West-TB in Wilson Hall. We encourage day shifters to take their shifts from FTBF and swing and night shifters from ROC-West.


  • I have checked all your trainings so if you don’t hear otherwise you can assume you have everything which is required.
  • Make sure you have a valid Fermilab badge so you can access ROC West and do controlled accesses.
  • Important: you need a dosimeter to do controlled accesses, which is a possible requirement of the shifter. If you don’t already have one, go to the communications office on the ground floor of Wilson Hall to collect one before your first shift.
  • You will need to be added to the list of those with access to the shift machines in both ROC-MCenter and ROC-West. If you haven’t logged into these machines before, please send me your Kerberos principal so I can give you access.

Run coordination and experts

  • The run coordinator is generally in charge of operations. You may communicate with them if required and the on-call expert has been contacted.
    (Normally there will be one per week but this week is more complicated because of the DUNE meeting and because I am traveling toward the end of the week). This week, I am the run coordinator from Monday through Wednesday, Yagmur is run coordinator on Thursday and Alex will be run coordinator Friday through Sunday.
  • When on shift, your first point of contact is the on-call test beam expert. They will be able to help with general questions and with DAQ related problems.
    This week, the day on-call expert (7am-9pm) is Dung and the night on-call expert (9pm-7am) is Chatura.
  • The NOvA Test Beam ‘blue sheet’ (with all contact information on) is in Doc-DB 37734. It will also be printed and kept on the desks.


  • If you have not done NOvA Test Beam shifts before, we recommend doing at least 2 hours' of shadow shifting before your first shift. The shifters on shift should brief the new shifter, point out all documentation and describe what is required of the shifter during operations.
    (There will be no shifts before the day shift tomorrow, so there will be no opportunity for Andrew and David. However, Andrew is more than familiar enough so I don’t anticipate this being a problem.)
  • If you have not done any NOvA shifts at all before, we recommend at least a full shadow shift (and encourage more than one, if required).

Plan for the week

  • We will keep you informed of our plans as we move along, things change very quickly at the moment!
  • This week is a ‘beam-on’ week, so nominally our aim is collect as much beam data as possible for commissioning the detectors. This will be with just the beamline until we are ready to operate the detector electronics (hopefully at some point this week).
  • Monday: we have HVAC installation scheduled, so this will hopefully be ready early in the week. If installation does proceed as we hope, we won’t collect data during the day when work is ongoing.
  • Tuesday: there will be a computing downtime, so we won’t be able to operate the DAQ machines. This won’t affect the beamline but will the detector DAQ. Even if we are in a position to operate the detector, we won’t be able to during this time. Nominally work will be taking place around 6am-3pm.


All of our shifting procedures and documentation are on the wiki:

In the same Doc-DB (37734) as the blue sheet, there are some shift procedures adapted from the ones in this Handbook:

Please take a look so you know what is expected on shift.

Commissioning runs

In the spirit of documenting things on the wiki, we are maintaining a list of runs with beamline data included for use during commissioning.

As you take data, please update this table with information on the recent runs. This is very helpful to us, so thank you!


This is still very early in our operations so please provide feedback if you think some things could be better. In particular, you are more than encouraged to put information on the wiki as you shift, if it would be useful for it to be there.
I have given all of your developer privileges to the wiki so you should be able to add and edit content on there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks for your time helping test beam operations!