Period 3 Ops Planning

Period 3 of Test Beam Operations: November 2020 -- July 2021

Preparing for Ops

Things to do in MCenter (order of importance):
  • Install shielding between JGG and Rosie
  • Tilt detector and top-up horizontal cells
  • Install field sensors
  • Fix MWPC grounding
  • Move DS-ToF-SiPM
  • Replace compressor
  • Replace FEBs/APDs (see list below)
  • Move and instrument LArIAT stack
Timeline for shifts:
  • Week of October 26: decide format of shifts (merged vs non-merged), begin MC7 migration
  • Week of November 2: finalize monitoring tools
  • Week of November 9: test all monitoring tools, put in place documentation, protocols, procedures, training
  • Week of November 16: begin test shifts, taking cosmics
  • Week of November 23: finish test shifts, put in proposal for checklist shifts
  • Week of December 7: expect first beam

FEBs/APDs to replace:

The links will take you to the noise histories for the last 3 months of running. Anything marked ‘high priority’ are ones where we’ve seen weirdness in either calibration or studies that David or Teresa have worked on, meaning it’s obvious enough to cause issues in our data.
  • dcm-5-01-01:42 - pixel 30 looks much worse on this FEB than the ones in surrounding planes. low priority
  • dcm-5-01-02:42 - cooling disabled, high priority
  • dcm-5-01-02:43 - hi-lo pixel pair, noisier in general, high priority
  • dcm-5-01-02:44 - looks a lot like 42, but I’m pretty sure we ran with this one cooled
  • dcm-5-01-02:46 - also looks like 42
  • dcm-5-01-02:54 - a couple pixels had issues in February, seem to be doing okay now though, low priority
  • dcm-5-01-03:02 - pixel 1 started getting really noisy towards the end of running - noticeable in raw digit studies, high priority
  • dcm-5-01-03:04 - cooling disabled