General overview

The detector DAQ is the same as the DAQ used by the other NOvA detectors (far detector, near detector, NDOS). This is detailed extensively elsewhere on the NOvA wiki (see links below). This page will contain information specific to the test beam detector.

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Test Beam Detector

The test beam detector has:
  • 63 planes, 32 vertical and 31 horizontal;
  • 64 cells in a plane (2x32 extrusions), readout out in two 32 cell groups;
  • 126 total readout ends;
  • 4032 total channels.
The DAQ segregates this as follows:
  • One diblock (1);
  • Two blocks (0 and 1);
  • 32 planes in Block 0, start vertical, end horizontal; 31 planes in Block 1, start and end vertical.
DAQ components:
  • 32 cells, each with a WLS fibre, readout on by a single Avalanche-Photo-Diode (APD);
  • Each APD reads 32 fibres, interfaces with a single Front-End-Board (FEB);
  • Three Data-Concentrator-Modules (DCM); one for each block, one for the few FEB v5s.
FEBs that don't exist:
  • dcm-5-01-01: 08, 24, 40, 56
  • dcm-5-01-02: 08, 24, 40, 47, 56, 63
  • dcm-5-01-03: 08-63

See Teresa's channel map DocDB for more information: