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Michael Wallbank, 03/27/2019 11:48 AM

Front-end information

V1742 channel mapping

Channels 8-11: US-ToF
Channels 12-15: DS-ToF-PMT
Channels 16-19: DS-ToF-SiPM
Channel 20: Cherenkov PMT

VME crate

As user novadaq, the directory


on novabeamlinedaq00 contains some useful utilities to communicate with the hardware. All CAEN provided software.

Run CAEN upgrader GUI:


Run CAEN V1742 digitizer (outside of DAQ):

wavedump-3.8.2/bin/wavedump /etc/wavedump/WaveDumpConfig_X742.txt

Run CAEN VME module:

./CAENVMELib-2.50/sample/CAENVMEDemo V2718 <base address, in hex (beginning 0x)> <link>

With this utilities, one can set the base address (option 2), set a register (option 1) and read etc.

CAEN base addresses:
Board Address
1742 3211
2495 3210
1495 0100

V1742 Digitizer


The V1742 has a register named POST_TRIGGER. This value is a percentage of the readout that is to be after the trigger. There is an implicit latency of around 40 ns, so in reality, the Post-Trigger percentage sets the percentage of the readout that will be after 40 ns past the trigger.

For an unknown reason, only certain values of POST_TRIGGER are accepted and must be found by trial and error.

Known working values

  • 0
  • 20
  • 45

MWPC Controller(s)

  • Hardware address:
  • IP address:
  • Name: ftbfwc03
  • CD system reference number: S22041
  • CD equipment ID number: 557912
  • Hardware address: 00.80.55.EE.00.08
  • IP address:
  • Name: ftbfwc07
  • CD system reference number: S22056

Log in (e.g.):

telnet ftbfwc03 <port>
Ports (according to here)
  • 5000 - daq apps
  • 5001 - emergency access
  • 5002 - telnet sessions

MWPC Configuration and Registers