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Kirk Bays, 06/28/2019 08:37 AM

Expert Procedures

Powering on/off the detector

Synoptics control of the detector supplies has been flaky (and had cross talk with the ND). I lieu of using synoptics there are scripts that can (should) be used.

To power on:
  1. Log in: novadaq@novadaq-test-master
  2. setup_offline
  3. To power on the LV (24 and 3.5 V) do: (for just 1/3, use power_on-LV_dcm-5-01-0(1/3).sh)
  4. To power on the HV do: <Volt>
    • You must supply a voltage for the HV script (typically use 425)
To power off:
  1. Log in: novadaq@novadaq-test-master
  2. setup_offline
  3. To power on the HV do: (for just 1/3, use power_on-HV_dcm-5-01-0(1/3).sh)
    • The HV needs to drop to less than 200V before turning off the LV
    • The HV voltage fall rate is 5 V/s so you should wait ~45s before powering off the LV (or be extra safe and wait 1.5 minutes for the HV to come all the way down)
  4. To power on the LV (24 and 3.5 V) do:
  • Alternatively there are icons on cr-01 that can be use to power off and monitor the state of the power supplies
    • Again the HV gets turned off first then wait until it drops sufficiently
    • Use the "Check Power Supplies" icon to monitor (it is not updating so you will need to run it again when you want to update)

There are also power-<on/off>-<LV/HV> scripts that can be used for individual DCMs

Power cycling the MWPC controller

The MWPC controller has been known to get into a bad state, albeit not very often (British sarcasm), e.g. with the timestamps between the controller and the TDCs no longer align. More detailed information on this page: MWPC Configuration and Registers; this page contains just relevant information for power cycling.

To log into the MWPC controller: from novabeamlinedaq00

telnet ftbfwc03 5002

(the DAQ uses port 5001 so don't use that one).

To power cycle the TDCs:


To power cycling the controller: this requires logging into the remote power strip in the rack. This can be done on the Firefox machines on the VNCs, or by creating an SSH tunnel on your local machine.
To do the latter, first set up a tunnel:

ssh -D <port> -f -C -q -N

where you should pick a local port.
Then configure your browser with a SOCKS proxy. In Firefox, do this in preferences, go into network settings, change proxy from 'No proxy' to 'Manual proxy configuration' and enter localhost as the host, along with the port you opened up the tunnel on.
You can then navigate to, log in (details in docdb-38595) and power cycling the MWPC controller.

Fixing the TDU timestamp making-and-saving

If the beamline DAQ is no longer processing TDU timestamps, there are many things which could be causing this!

First, ensure SpillServer and the SpillForwarder are running (beamline versions). If they are, the most likely cause is the BoardReader in the beamline DAQ. This can be confirmed by looking at the log files to ensure spills are still being made and forwarded correctly.

Potential reason no TDU timestamps being saved by BoardReader (untested): the address is already being used. To fix, log onto beamline DAQ, run

netstat -ntpl
and look for a process named something like mpirun. Kill it! Mwahaha!