Commissioning Analysis Software

Plotting Detector Plane Pairs

Matching hits between x and y plane pairs from TB detector raw data.
Matches are made if hits across planes are within 96 TDC ticks of each other (configurable parameter in XYHitMatch.fcl

First login, setup_online, go to testrel:
$ ssh -XY
$ setup_online
$ cd Commissioning-test-releases/asutton/DetComish/
$ srt_setup -a

Run the code to process a raw file
$ cd results/<PathYouWantToPutThings>
$ nova -c $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT/job/rawxyhitmatch.fcl -s <PathToRawDetFile> -T <DesiredOutputName.root>

Run the macro to make pretty pictures:
$ root -l -b -q '$SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT/makeXYPics.C("testing_asutton.root")'

Making images during beam tuning

To run over the latest Spill file and create a plot of the hit distribution for the first pair of planes, run


If you want to set this up to run automatically, do

while true; do nohup ./ > auto.log; sleep 60; done &

I sent the output to a logfile so you can track the progress and confirm that it is still running okay without having to wait for the image. This will run until you kill the job or log off the machine.

Images will be placed here.

Making Good Trigger Ratio Plots

Monitoring the total number of Beamline Triggers and Good Beamline Triggers (defined as the trigger with at least 1 hit upsteam TOF and at least 1 hit downstream TOF and have a reconstructed track from WCs).

First login to GPVMs, setup_nova, setup test release:

$ ssh -XY <username>@novagpvm[01-15]
$ setup_nova -b maxopt

Before midnight Jul 2nd, no nightly build is made. Making a test release is needed to run this script.

$ newrel -t development <BeamLineTriggerMonitoring>
$ cd <BeamLineTriggerMonitoring>
$ srt_setup -a
$ addpkg_svn -h TestBeam
$ novasoft_build -t
$ cd ./TestBeam
$ ./ <current_beamline_run_number>

The pdf file with 3 plots of good trigger ratio, total number of triggers and number of good triggers (having TOFs and WC track) will be copied to You can see the plots by accessing

When a new beamline run is started. This script needs to be stoped and started again with the new beamline run number.

Making ToF distributions for each subrun

These plots are currently generated and moved to novadaq-test-master using /nova/app/users/willhf/190702/ It is ran as:

$ sh 3015

John is working to make this script and its underlying macros less clumsy. If it is July 5, encourage John in these efforts. If it is after July 5, consider asking him passive aggressive questions about when this will be done.

24 hours later
(John here, adding notes and speaking about himself in third person.)
John has produced a bash script that will do the job nicely.
To execute, logon to the GPVMS and setup nova.

$ ssh -XY <username>@novagpvm[01-15]
$ setup_nova -b maxopt

Until midnight, July 5, 2019, you will need a test release to run this script:

$ newrel -t development <YourFavoriteName>
$ cd <YourFavoriteName>
$ srt_setup -a
$ addpkg_svn -h TestBeam
$ novasoft_build -t
$ cd ./TestBeam
$ chmod 777

Be sure that <RUN_NUMBER> is the current run, e.g. 3500

After midnight, July 5, 2019, you should be able to run without a test release. Simply logon to GPVM, setup nova, and copy-paste
UPDATE: as of 12:22 am, July 6, test release is still required. Not sure when nightly build occurs.

$ . /nova/app/users/jrabaey/quick-tof-plot/ <RUN_NUMBER>

remembering, of course, to change <RUN_NUMBER> to the current run.

Note that this script will run continuously until you kill it using Ctrl+C. To start the script on the next run, it is not necessary to change directories or even include the file path:


...should do the job.

Go to
to see the files. Sort by last modified.

Opening IFBEAM monitoring page

Go to Under Upload device list, paste the following and then click Upload. Then, click on dashboard on the upper left of the page.