Beamline software versions

During developments in 2018, no convention was used to tag the version of the software. This versioning is as of January 2019.


  • v07_00_00nova: Up to January 14 (run 1966) (It's coming home...)
  • v07_00_01nova: January 14 (run 1967) --
    First tag with TDU timestamps working.
  • v07_00_02: March 13.
    Rename lariatfragments ups product to novabeamlinefragments (political reasons, this is now a dependency of novasoft)

Different builds (Mike reference)


defaultqual e15
gcc v6_4_0
cetbuildtools v7_03_01


defaultqual e17
gcc v7_3_0
cetbuildtools v7_06_04

Added e17:prof and e17:debug qualifiers

Current builds available: SL6 e15, SL6 e17, SL7 e15, SL7 e17:


DAQ needs SL7 e15, NOvA need SL6 and SL7 e17 (soon to be just SL7).


  • v07_00_00nova: Up to January 14 (run 1966)
  • v07_00_01nova: January 14 (run 1967)
    First tag with TDU generator working correctly.
    Still have issue with fragments being saved as 'unidentified'
  • v07_00_02nova: January 27 (run 2089)
    Added fast trigger parameters to the V1742 configuration.
  • v07_00_03nova: February 22 (run 2241)
    Final version with correct run/subrun/event structure from the DAQ.
  • v07_00_04nova: March 15 (run 2446)
    First version with updated novabeamlinefragments dependence.
  • v07_00_05nova: April 27 (run 2709)
    Changed output filename from lariat_* to novabeamline_*

Places lariat-online is set up

  • bin/
  • DAQInterface/novabeamlinedaq_setup