Beamline Reconstruction

This page describes the reconstruction required for the beamline data in order to find the required information for the test beam experiment.

Reconstruction Chain

The reconstruction runs over the raw data in a NOvASoft-formatted data file. (To process raw data offline, see Beamline in the Offline and TestBeam in the Offline.) There is currently no interface for the beamline simulation to the raw-formatted NOvASoft data structures.

The chain is shown in the figure below. The format of the data, in terms of the structures which are used to store information, are noted for each stage of the process.

Reco Dump

The BeamlineRecoDump module may be used to just print information about the reconstruction contained within a data file:

nova -c beamlinerecodump.fcl -s <reco_file.fcl>

Standard Reco

The standard reconstruction chain can be run using the configuration

nova -c beamlinerecojob.fcl -s <raw_file.root>

The standard configurations are in BeamlineReco/beamlinereco.fcl.


To run WC track reconstruction, run:

nova -c wctrackreco.fcl -s <raw_file.root>

The configurations for the algorithm are defined in BeamlineReco/wctrackalg.fcl.

Developing reconstruction

Reconstruction may be developed within the BeamlineReco package. Please update this page with instructions and information.

Good practices:
  • Keep the art interface and algorithm implementation separate. All algorithms should be specified in an algorithm class, an instance of which is owed and the relevant methods called by the art producer module. (See example shell for the WCTrack reco.)
  • Define a standard configuration for each algorithm in a separate fhicl file.