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Andrew Sutton, 11/15/2019 02:05 PM

Beam Wire chambers

We have two chambers used to monitor the secondary beam.
Almost everything at Wire Chambers applies to the beam chambers.

Upstream chamber
  • placed just downstream of LArIAT in a break in the beam pipe
  • HV setting:
  • Controller: ftbfwc02
Target chamber
  • placed just before the NOvA target in MC7
  • HV setting:
  • Controller: ftbfwc07


These run using the FTBF wire chamber daq which can be accessed from one of the FTBF machines

ssh -XY
cd /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter (location subject to change)
./daq-mcenter_<target || upstream>.py
data is saved to /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data

Monitoring and Plotting

There is an on/near-line monitoring script along with an offline version of which are also housed on the FTBF machines.
You need to have kinit rights to user extbeams (I need to make this more easily accessible -ATCS).

To run the offline script:

ssh -XY
cd mtestwire/
source py3/bin/activate
python /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data/filename.dat

To run the monitoring script:
The daq needs to be running

ssh -XY
cd mtestwire/
source py3/bin/activate
python /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data/filename (*note there is no .dat ending)

Both scripts output images to: /home/nfs/extbeams/mtestwire/images