Beam Wire chambers

We have two chambers used to monitor the secondary beam.
Almost everything at Wire Chambers applies to the beam chambers.

Upstream chamber
  • placed just downstream of LArIAT in a break in the beam pipe
  • HV setting:
  • Controller: ftbfwc02
Target chamber
  • placed just before the NOvA target in MC7
  • HV setting:
  • Controller: ftbfwc07


These run using the FTBF wire chamber daq which can be accessed from one of the FTBF machines

ssh -XY
cd /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter (location subject to change)
./daq-mcenter_<target || upstream>.py
data is saved to /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data

Monitoring and Plotting

There is an on/near-line monitoring script along with an offline version of which are also housed on the FTBF machines (below I use ftbf-cr-02 but any of them should work).
You need to have kinit rights to user extbeams (I need to make this more easily accessible -ATCS).

To run the offline script:

ssh -XY
cd mtestwire/
source py3/bin/activate
python /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data/filename.dat

To run the monitoring script with the DAQ running:

ssh -XY
cd mtestwire/
source py3/bin/activate
python /home/tmp_forJason/EDIT2018/MWPC-MCenter/data/filename (*note there is no .dat ending)

Both scripts output images to: /home/nfs/extbeams/mtestwire/images