Shift Turnover - Call Forwarding

Web-Based Checklist Turnover

NOvA is the primary NuMI beam user, which means that we need to make sure that shifters are reachable by phone in the event that MCR needs to relay any information. In order to facilitate this process, we make use of a call-free call forwarding service from Google. The following steps must be completed at each shift turnover by the incoming and outgoing shifter.

An incoming shifter is responsible to be in communication with the outgoing shifter at least 15 minutes before your shift starts.
1) Please call the previous shifter via the shift Zoom account to understand any issues relevant for your shift, find out about any issues they had during their shift, and information about what you should expect while on shift.
2) Use the online snapshot server or the live snapshot page to check that all screens are present and correct. Is anything in alarm? Are both runs going? If you are uncertain check here for what things should look like.
3) Read the Current Running Conditions and ECL entries for the last 24 hours. The current running conditions are subject to change on a day-to-day basis.
4) Please sign in to the novashifter2020 account using the nova shift Gmail and password located on the Blue Expert Doc-DB Entry. If you are shifting outside of the US, you will have to keep the Google Voice webpage open throughout your shift to receive calls from MCR.

As an outgoing shifter:
1)Please CALL the shift phone number +1 (331) 256-7972‬ after the incoming shifter set up google voice. This ensures that the incoming shifter's phone is functioning properly, once communication is established and the phone number is verified, the shift turnover is complete.
2)Please disable your phone number after your 8-hour shift period. This will help limit any unwanted calls when you are not watching the detector.
3)After your final shift, please delete your phone number from the list of linked numbers.

If forwarding is done via Hangouts only (international shift stations) make sure Hangouts is enabled. You can add and deselect landlines on google voice at -> Settings. See the call forwarding setup instructions below.

Please make sure the phone forwarding actually works (phone rings, you can hear/be heard on the phone). If you have problems, get in touch with the run coordinator.

Initial Call Forwarding Setup

If you have a US-based phone number, you should set up call forwarding by linking your number to the google voice account so that you can pick up calls from your phone. But you can not do that if you have a non-US-based phone number, instead you may just use the google voice webpage to receive/make calls.

Note that you cannot use Google voice with Safari if you want to receive/make calls from the webpage. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. (You can still use Safari to link your number.)

For setting up call forwarding initially, login to the google voice account for the shift phone number. If you are using Chrome as your web browser it is best to first open a Guest window before logging in. Go to, and in the top right of the page make sure the account is the correct shifter account ("novashifter2020" for the regular shift; - the passwords can be found in the Blue Expert doc-DB entry ) If you have a Gmail account, it might direct you to your account automatically, make sure you are on the novashifter2020 account. Next, click the gear towards the top right of the page, then click Settings. In settings, you should be able to add a new number by clicking "+ New linked number" under the section of "Linked numbers". It will ask you to verify your phone with a test call/text, and you must enter the passcode it provides to you.

Note that if your number is already linked to another google voice account, linking your number to the shifter account will sometimes remove your number from the previous account. You should see a pop-up window for confirmation. If you do not want your number removed from the previous account, you may skip this step and just use the google voice webpage to receive/make calls.

Only 6 forwarding numbers are allowed by google voice. If the list is full, you may remove another number to make room for your own. Please try to choose a number to remove that won't be used for shifts imminently after your own shift.

This also means that you may have to activate your phone again if it gets removed - do not assume that once your number is on the list it will remain there indefinitely.

Enabling or Disabling Call Forwarding to your phone

To activate or deactivate your phone number, log in to the novashifter2020 google account. Go to, and in the top right of the page make sure the account is the correct account as above. Then, click settings (the gear icon towards the top right). In settings, you should be able to check on uncheck your phone number under the section of "Call forwarding". Make sure it is checked when you are shifting!

Google Voice Security Authorization

Occasionally, when logging in from a device for the first time, it may be considered "suspicious activity" and requires authorization through text message. To deal with this issue, please have the verification number "Text"-ed. The Google Voice number (3312567972‬) is used as the recovery number, so the verification code will be sent to this number. The outgoing shifter or one of the current Run Coordinators will receive the verification code through the Google Voice page and will give it to you through the ROC-West ZOOM session.

Some known issues for the usage of Google Voice

1. It claims that you've tried to sign in too many times even if you've only tried once
You should reach out to the run coordinator before click "Try again". We can use the Zoom room to discuss how to resolve the issue.

2. It claims that you might be unable to make or receive calls over the internet. Check your internet settings
If you're sure that your internet works fine, then it would be another issue instead of the internet settings. You should reach out to the run coordinator and we can use the Zoom room to discuss how to resolve the issue.