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Alexandre Pereira Sousa, 02/14/2014 04:29 PM

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Shift Bulletin Board - 02/14/14

* Do NOT run Partition 3 on the FarDet until further notice

* When starting OnMon and Event Display on FarDet, a new popup box appears that asks you to pick which disk to use - select "datadisk-3" for both.

* TDU Info - IMPORTANT for Run Start

** For Partition 2 and 3 : They are both running on timing chain 2. A TDU allows only 1 connection at a time from the TDU Control. After a Partition 2 run gets started, press "disconnect" on the TDU Control gui for that partition. The LED will turn yellow. Then start the run on Partition 3, which will now be able to communicate to the TDU (on Timing Chain 2) and issue a sync. With both P2 and P3 runs going, only one TDU Control will be connected (it doesn't matter which one). If either P2 or P3 needs a sync, press the sync button (red bar) on the connected TDU Control. Both partitions will see the sync. If you suspect timing problems on Partitions 2 or 3, call Evan Niner (number on call list under DAQ Expert or TDU Timing)

* For FarDet ** Partition 1 (diblocks 1,2) should be running constantly, especially is there is beam ** Partition 2 (diblocks 3-6) should run constantly unless commissioning work is being done (daytime hours) ** Partition 3 (diblocks 7-11) should be run on night shifts only

* List of DAQ Named Configurations to use in FarDet runs : ** Partition 1 - FarDetGlobalConfigP1 * Partition 2 - FarDetGlobalConfigP2
h3. *
Partition 3 - FarDetGlobalConfigP3

* For NDOS, use InitialGlobalConfig for Partition 2 running

Main Page What to do while on shift How To ... DAQ Trouble Shooting Guide