Run Crash Analysis

A place to tabulate run failures.

Run Subrun Date (Local) Time (Local) Application Situation Comments Issues Log File(s)
12364 14 2011-06-01 04:57:20 DataLogger Unattended night shift DataLogger started skipping heartbeats immediately after subrun roll-over. SIGNAL 11 received DataLogger problem (primary), RunControl seemed to be still in running state until 07:45 (secondary), DataLogger log file was ~1GB/14 hours (secondary) RunControl/novadaq-ctrl-master/rcWindow_2011_05_31_19_55_23.log, DataLogger/novadaq-ctrl-datadisk-01/ndl_20110531_145422.log
12344 07 2011-05-28 00:26:24 DataLogger Unattended night shift DataLogger started RMS Timing out, then skipping heartbeats, within a minute of new subrun request. DataLogger received SIGNAL 11 DataLogger problem (primary), RunControl seems zombie, issuing "Creating new subrun..." messages every few seconds, for hours (secondary) RunControl/novadaq-ctrl-master/rcWindow_2011_05_27_21_22_14.log, DataLogger/novadaq-ctrl-datadisk-01/ndl_20110527_162112.log