Online Monitoring System

Instructions to start OnMon: ...

Online Monitoring Plots

This is the shape of the typical online monitoring plot. DB1-DB4 are the detector DiBlocks. DB1 is the "front" of the detector nearest the beam. DB4 is the muon catcher (as of December 2010, not installed). Each DiBlock at NDOS is read out by three DCMs (Data Concentrator Modules). I believe that the one labelled "DCM1" in the OM plots serves the top of the detector, and 2 is side top and 3 is side bottom.

Here is a document that describes the channel mappings in the NOvA detectors.

Checklist Plots

The plots labelled "Check list" on the Online Monitoring are intended as a quick overview to verify that the detector is performing normally. Problems observed in the checklist plots may be diagnosed witht he assistance of the more detailed plots.

  1. DCM occupancy: Hit rate per DCM, in some kind of unlabelled unit. Is this integral per run, or the last x minutes, or what?
  1. FEB occupancy: Each front end board serves 32 detector channels. Unexpected hot spots and cold spots are bad.