NDOS CommissionMtng 20121119

Attending: Mark, Jon, Jan, Nick and Susan, Andrew, Leon, Xuebing, Kurt Jaslaav, Ventesh,

Flasher Test:
.4.5 microsecond.
-Greg is making more flashers.
-Ron sync learn technique.
Andrew says delay learn is non-existent (100 ns).

DataCheck (Jan):
Monday: 14306 20 subruns no empty
14318: 13k channel, actual, every slice was a noise only run.
14321: Subrun 0 only record 13K event and rolled over. (started with 20k)
Fri - Saturday empty events in a given subrun.
DCM 2-3: Cooling state changed over
Time zone checker now in the code -
14326: 2-2:42 error state
14325-27: Died (DCM shut-off)

Saturated CPU. (Leon)

Mark: OnMon. Most everything was installed.
: Will Mark will run it remotely.
: Wiki tracking with red mine working to setup.
: Shifter without serviced account
: Jon suggests totally open subproject

Leon: APD test stand; DAQ setup last week 25 APD are installed
: 1 pixel on a later array may have an issue.
: Kurt was abe to load results from DSO on thursday. I can spearhead.

More APDs for NDOS are here: (19 more coated APDs and NDOS cabinet).