NDOS CommissionMtng 20121105

Attending:Martin, Xuebing, Denis Felip, Jaraslov, Junting, Jan, Susan, Jon, Leon, Andrew Vekteesh

-Power scripts?
-IOC + Running = synch issues
-Spontaneous run control writing after IOC work.

Juntings study
-new software

Commish Notes Nov 5:

Data Check Update- Fairly quiet, 4 days straight,
- This past past saturday, RCServer died (14 hrs subrun)
- 14265, control-farm-16 Full disk nearline processing
- DCS report - latest data 26th october (Jon is having trouble replicating the table); New machines require replication. Will setup cronjob to copy last 24 hrs
- Need help writing the code
- Jarek working for channel dropout alarms

DAQ Software - Denis want to move to the new DAQ DDF. Denis will move to the new release on NDOS. Andrew asks about tests with metadata. Symbolic link. The base release is built ready for testing. Nearline will be involved. We'll talk after the meeting to make a test list.

Leon - We're getting bare boxes and (50) FEBs
- Need DAQ Reading out
- APD shipping out this week.
- Thursday and Friday next leon will be here.
- Peter is out of town no one knows whos working on this daq.

Xuebing - Working on power scripts revision for test stand.

Junting - Showed the multiplexing issue is prevailant. Reinitialing multiplexig

Martin - request to run the DDT capture job across 10 buffer nodes.

Venektesh - Will work with Greg and Rick on flahser? How are you going to trigger the data flasher on gps 1 sec boundaries. This week.