NDOS CommissionMtng 20121103

Attending: Mat, Jan, Susan and Nick, Jon, Leon, Peter, Micheal, and Mark , Vipin, Sendeep, here until indian collegues

Jan- DataCheck
DCS report empty - Jon will look at it
2-3 7:
14340- short subruns. 12 and 80%
14351- Great!!

Flashers were removed from DCM 2-2, 2-3 1-2, 1-3 just prior to 14351

Describe power-on (Me)
DCS master switch didn't work

Found master time 25 seconds ahead. Set time with date.
HW Config.
Monitoring is not running (Micheal will look into it)

Micheal: 8281 (
Peter mentions pre scaling certain triggers (dispatcher could handle this)
There is a event number dif (jan warns about roll over oddities)
(Where do we put the ONMON root files) - Ask Andrew.
Peter : We should run this off a tagged release.
--Mark: Others using this release.
Stress test it and exercise.
Jon asks about easy of adding… (This is expert level right now)
Get people looking at it.

DAQ: Denis got the run working with DDF. Looking for proof on performance. (Not victory yet)
Install: Leon: Leon expects APD this week. (targeting)
DCS: Power GUI group buttons failed.