NDOS CommissionMtng 20120625

Attending: Minerba, Jan, Jessica, Andrew, Martin, Athans, Xuebing, Martin, Peter

Continue to emphasize the new safety rules around MINOS. Hardhats in parking lot, tornado shelter in MINOS through back storage (key in NDOS break box), 10 mph speed limit

Jessica Taylor: Synoptic monitoring for FHEP no running in control room (NOvA doc 7612)
Can Synoptic pages have audible alarms? (Athans will check into this)
Question of screen real estate in the Control Room with new DCS guis coming: Andrew will acquire two monitors to match FD screen space.
Additional information about what interactions shifters should have with this GUI will be coming

Jan: Data Check - 13936 Weekend run lost several thousand channels
13921 gas leak work sub run 5 had issues
Tuesday -> Large loss of channels with Leon in the hall
Request full FEB list
Jarek continues to work on the notification system.

NDSB -> Loaned PDB returning from Ash River