NDOS CommissionMtng 20120611

Attending: Gavin, Minerba, Jessica, Junting, Chan, Mat, Susan, Nick, Dominick, Kirk, Martin

Weekly Topics:
LCC Power Outage, Friday, June 15, 6:30 a.m. ­ 2 p.m. - Peter and Mat will shutdown on Thursday and restore once power is restored (more discussion at software meeting)
Loss of access to MINOS High Bay area (Beginning week of June 18?) - Notice will be sent out
RC @ Ash River June 12 and 13 (Peter Shannan as deputy?)

DataCheck Update :

Run 13886, Monday:
This was supposed to be a test run, so please select test run as run type. Was stopped with comment: Empty Events? We only recorded 1 empty event out of 5433 events. Rest of the metrics seem fine, hard to tell with only a 9 minute run.

Run 13891, Tuesday
One subrun long, 2 hours and 2 minutes. ECL entry 15742:
RC Server Status Disconnected
could not end run
directly stopRunControl

Interesting way to fail.

No running mid Tuesday to mid Thursday
Run 13893, Thursday:
Two subruns, empty events in both subruns.
DCM22 quits in subrun 0
Subrun 1 stopped after DCM31 quits, ECL entries 15759-15762

Run 13895, Thursday to Friday:
Bad things happening, especially since it was an overnight run. Peter was looking into this and has some comments in the log book.
16 subruns, 9 of which had a decent number of empty events. Started with 4618 active channels, ended up with around 1173. Most notably, dcm11 shuts off in subrun 1, dcms22, 31, 33 shutoff in subrun 4. That's a combined number of 98 FEBs that quit running before 10pm. Entries 15773-15776 in the ECL have comments from Peter about some of this behavior.

Run 13896, Friday to Saturday:
Alright running, only lost 185 channels over the entire run! It rolled over automatically and, as every time when a run rolls over automatically, some events ended up in the wrong data file, so subrun 23 length registers as 0.

Run 13897, Saturday to Sunday:
Lost 4 FEBs corresponding to 76 channels. Rolled automatically, same problems as reported before when that happens.

Run 13898, Sunday to Monday:
Lost 2 FEBs corresponding to 27 channels. Stopped at 10:40AM Monday morning "Test to show shifter"

I see you found the neat feature of run control that when a previous run is stopped and without releasing or restarting anything, the next run is started, RC keeps counting the percentage upwards and does not correctly reset it to 0. That should tell you something about our running condition that not many people have seen that before . . .

The runs were going great over the weekend, only downside, no DCS taken for 72 hours.


DAQ Software Update and Plans for the week: Updates to App Manager

Kirk - DocDB 7574: Kirk has some basic code for DCS check out which need excercising and feedback