NDOS Commissioning Meeting 2011/10/03

Attendance: Jon, Mat, Martin, Kurt, Enrique, Mark Mathis, Andrew, Gary, Susan, Zeb, Nick, Minerba,


  1. APD Redistribution Status
  2. Beam & Detector Update
  3. DAQ Status & Plans
  4. DCS Status & Plans
  5. AOB

APD Redistribution Status

  • Thanks to Mat and Denis, 15 APDs were removed from the first block of the NDOS and downstream to "available" vertical modules on blocks 2 and 3.
  • Thanks to Gavin for keeping a close eye on the move APDs:
    • APDs have stabilized:
    • 6/15 are operating at 100%
    • 2/15 appear to be dead
    • how were these behaving before they were moved? Mat: none had more than two bad pixels. 82% of pixels that were moved are currently working.
    • Mat will take a closer look at the DSO scans
    • we should probably remove the two dead APDs to take a look
  • Mat: also installed a coated APD, without o-ring, to see if it's more robust against cooling. DSO scans from Friday indicated that this APD is very noisy (was performing ok before). Leon will be here this week. We won't cool this APD until we can get it reading out ok warm.
  • Mat: Leon will come this week (arriving tonight) with parts for vacuum tester. Will also be bringing 17 test APDs.
  • Mat: David DeMuth will also be here this week and we will try to use his inventory tracking system.

Beam & Detector

  • Detector ran smoothly over weekend
  • NuMI:
    • had power outage but has recovered. Beam is ~10% higher in intensity.
    • running in anti-neutrino mode since Friday, until Wed.

DAQ Status & Plans

  • Kurt: has some stuff to check in, but is hesitant to do it before next roll-out
  • Kurt: has not been able to figure out why IOCs did not compile during last build of base release
  • Andrew: would like to replace TDU in MINOS (the one we're using to compare our nominal TDU with). This replacement is the Ash River version. Will also be installing a new (Ash River-quality) antennae (improved connector). This work is happening now.

DCS Status & Plans

  • Martin: lots of work to do. "Known issues" are listed in DCS wiki, so shifters should pay attention to this.