NDOS Commissioning Meeting 2011/07/14

Attendance: Jon, Peter, Chad, Susan, Gary, Raphael, Mark Mathis, Mat, Denis, Mark, Andrew, Minerba, Holger, Leon, Sue, Jan, Nick, Dominic, Zeb, Gavin, Martin,


  1. NDOS Update
  2. DataCheck Update
  3. DCS Update
  4. DAQ Update
  5. AOB

NDOS Update

  • APD recovery (Leon): working on modifying test stand to efficiently bias APDs for long periods of time. Hope to ship some APDs back next week.
  • Sue: Ken is concerned about stressing seals on APDs by frequent enabling and disabling cooling.
  • Mat placed balloons around optical connectors on 5 modules on diblock 3 and 5 failed golden channels.
  • Leon: pressure tests should be done on modules
  • Mark: sucking on optical connection may be better way to test for tightness.
  • Consecutive DSO scans were done yesterday
  • 2 minute turn off, we lost 1/75
  • 10 minute turn off, we lost 20%

DCS Update

  • Martin:
    • Occassionally CSS was not able to see all DCMs
    • Increased amount of memory that CSS can use; it is now working much more smoothly
    • Overview page is now part of base release (default)
    • Jon: documentation? Martin: wrote some basic info.
    • Gennadiy is working on alarmer and making good process
  • Chad: hasn't seen any real improvement in NDSB since 2nd humidifier was installed. Hovering around 40% RH. This weekend it should become much more humid, so we'll keep an eye on it.
  • Gary: what's the point of recording env. data in online form if shifter doesn't know what to look for?
  • Jon: we'll work on this

DAQ Update

  • Peter: nothing relevant to report

DataCheck Update