NDOS Commissioning Meeting 2011/06/30

Attendance: Jon, Andrew, Gavin, Minerba, Mark Mathis, Mousumi, Athans, Gary, Martin, Raphael, Gareth, Dan, Mat, Denis


  1. Status of "Cool Running" (Jon)
  2. Status of NDOS DCS
  3. Status of APD repair
  4. AOB

Status of "Cool Running"

  • lost 5 cooled APDs late yesterday. One of these seems to have recovered after warming up. The other four are out of the DAQ readout.
  • Mat will be remove the latest failed FEBs tomorrow morning

Status of NDOS DCS

  • Athans:
    • IOC that Ron was working on is working with DSO scans. During scans, the IOCs are paused and renabled after a DSO scan.
    • Automatic start of cooling is not a feature. Must be manually activated.
    • Starting dcmApplication currently disables cooling
  • Jon: we will modify the script used by RC so that when shifters start a new run, they will have to click on the BeginRun button to get a run started. But before doing that, the shifter needs to make sure that cooling is enabled.
  • Athans: GUI is being developed; CSS "rules" are not picking up PVs properly, which is holding up making changes
  • Next DCS meeting is tomorrow, 9:30 am.

Status of APD repair

  • No news from CalTech
  • Mat: inspected some optical connectors of some APDs that had oil on them. One had a cracked optical connector. Attempted to "suck" oil out of the optical connector by hooking a vacuum; could not get any oil to come out.
  • Mat: we do have 5 APDs that cuold be installed, but we need to get install. procedures revamped
  • Jon: we should have a meeting to discuss the procedures, perhaps out at Lab 6 so others can watch the work in action.
  • Denis: one of the heatsinks would not cool, it looked like there was no water flow through the heatsink. Found water was blocked through the heatsink. Considering removing APD+heatsink and will send heatsink to IU.
  • Jon: since the APD is fine, let's hold off until
  • Denis: moved TECC lead to the outside of a special electronics box cover 3 different FEBs (same cover). On one, there was almost no noise. On other, no significant difference was seen.
  • Denis: 2 fuses on PDBs seem to be blown. 1 FEBs is getting no 3.3V power. The other fuse if for 24V power. Andrew will work with Martin on replacing these fuses.

DSO scan results

  • doc-dB 6719
  • looked at history of DSO scans of those APDs that went bad with cooling
  • label on last DSO scan for troublesome APDs should be "WARM" (they were not cooled during the last DSO scan)