NDOS Commissioning Meeting 2011/04/25

Attendance: Jon, Zeb, Kurt, Enrique, Gavin, Mark, Raphael, Jarek, Minerba, Mat, Andrew, Sue K.,


  1. NDOS Installation Plans
  2. DAQ/Electronics Update & Plans
  3. DCS Status & Plans
  4. AOB

NDOS Status:

  • Jon: DAQ ran without interruption for ~40 hours this weekend. But at ~23:30 yesterday, Brian M. (shifter) called Jon because the run had crashed and he could not get another one started. dcm-3-1-1 was reporting a timing link error at the configure hardware stage. Jon spoke with Andrew around midnight and both came to the conclusion that this was very likely a hardware problem that could not be effectively dealt with until the morning.
  • Mat: Ron came in this morning and saw that there were no PLLs set on the DCM. The TDU slave was in a funky state that required cycling the power (which can only be done by hand, the TDUs are plugged into 110 power). Neil and company will look into it, but there probably isn't much debugging info available to them.
  • Jon: would like PDUs for TDUs in NDSB; Andrew will look into this.

NDOS Installation Plans:

  • Mat:
    • continue with top-off, bottom row of 1st
    • Denis would like to investigate cap-board installation issues
    • muon-catcher has been in the readout since Friday evening. Two FEBs/APDs failed DSO scan and are not in the readout; will be investigated
    • APD recovery work possible later this week, but need to see how things change after cap-board installation.
    • not sure if Leon sent ribbon cables for cable-ectomies
  • Mark: convinced Karen that top-off is actually effective (occupancy plots in the offline)

DAQ/Electronics Status & Plans

  • Kurt: would like to add "historyEnable" flag for dcmapp, either today or tomorrow

DCS Status & Plans

  • Jon will contact Jim K. for a status update and possibly a presentation on what they have tomorrow or Wednesday.


  • Target update: lock piece on NT01 has been removed and the target is now movable; that target is looking viable. Plan is to slowly ramp up in beam intensity, possibly finish the horn-off and high-energy beam running faster.