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Luke Corwin, 06/12/2013 08:59 AM

APD Checkout Procedure

Please fill out the New APD checkout form in ECL as you perform this procedure.
If any of the observed values fall outside of the recommendations below stop the procedure and notify an expert.

  1. Check status of dry Gas and water system. (An expert may need to be notified to do this until a method for shifters is developed.)
    Check that dew point <-25C and pressure >0.3PSI on the branches with APDs.
  2. Turn on the LV (24V and 3.5V) to the dcms with APDs to be checked out.
    Check that the currents are ~ 1.5 and 31 A respectively
  3. Check status in CSS GUI.
    If the CSS GUI shows that the DCM is disconnected, try starting the IOC server with -l root "dcm-2-02-11" 'pid=` ps aux | awk ' " ' " ' /dcm[I]OC/{print$2} ' " ' " '`; kill -CONT $pid'

    Replace dcm-2-02-11 with the DCM you are checking out.
    APD temps should be ~13C
    Drive current should be ~0
    FEB temp ~24 on all boards.
    Click on channel 0 and check that the HV adjust cold is 337 and HV adjust warm is 349.
  4. Setup the commisioning config to the take a DSO for this DCM.
    As novadaq on novadaq-far-master-02, in an editor, open /nova/config/FarDet/pedestals/PedestalConfiguration_Standard_FarDet_Commissioning.xml
    and edit the active APD list to reflect the DCM your checking out.
  5. Ramp HV to 300V
    Check HV current, should be ~ 2.4 mA
  6. Run a DSO scan. (The CSS will report as disconnected during the scan but should return once the scan is completed)
    Check the results and record the number of missing pixels.
  7. Ramp HV to 350V
    Check HV current should be ~ 2.6 mA
  8. Run a DSO run
    Check results and record the number of missing pixels.
  9. Ramp HV to 425V
    Should have current of ~4.26-4.30mA.
  10. Run another DSO
    Check results and record the number of missing pixels.
  11. If the results look good you can load the thresholds and masks from the DAQ config editor into the desired configuration from the action drop down.
    (Do not select override to add these values. )