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Do a cold start

Instructions for a Cold Start. E.g., when the NOvA Control Machines aren't even logged in...

Updated 2011-12-23

Log In

Log into each of the NOvA CR machines, nova-daq-01 through -04.

ask the RC, or someone who has been on shift recently.


(Dismiss any "Network Authentication" windows that pop up on login. )

Get a Kerberos ticket for novadaq on each of the CR machines, by clicking the key icon in the task bar.

Start Web Interfaces.

Open instances of Firefox as appropriate on each machine. Follow the standard pattern .

  • nova-daq-01 - Wiki pages come up as home page(s).
  • nova-daq-02 - CRL Login comes up as home page.
  • nova-daq-03 - Ganglia (DAQ Monitoring) Pages. Opening Firefox from the toolbar will open the top-level Ganglia page and the checklist page.
  • nova-daq-04 - Start the web cams (home page), and Evo. The latter has a top bar bookmark. It can be started on another desktop.

Start Monitoring Applications

On nova-daq-02, click the icons to start

  • EventDisplay (Once started, click "Start Auto Advance" in the Job Menu).
  • Memory Viewer (you can adjust the number of columns displayed) (Use memory location P00#, where # is the partition)
  • Online Monitoring (Histogramming)

Start Command Windows in the Correct Environment, and Launch Applications.

  • For each case below, unless otherwise noted
    • Start a terminal
    • ssh (or other, as needed.)
      • or use alias ssh master
    • source DAQOperationsTools/
      • or use alias setup_online
    • Follow instructions for Starting a run or starting a specific Application as given below.
  • nova-daq-01 - currently only 1 terminal window is needed, unless specified elsewhere in the instructions:
    • Start a window to start and stop the system, and/or start a run
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