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Peter Shanahan, 03/11/2013 12:40 PM

Dcm problems March2013

DCM "hard" failures.

DCMs that can never be contacted.

DCM First reported by Date first reported Occurrences Comments Resolution

Fragile DCMs

DCMs that can be contacted for some amount of time before they seize.


  • Please use the full dcm name in the table below, to aid searching.
  • The "Occurrences" count is the number of confirmed times the problem has occurred. It may well be greater...
DCM (location) DCM (S/N) First reported by Date first reported ECL Entries Occurrences Comments Resolution
dcm-2-04-11 Peter 2/15/13 494 819 many
dcm-2-03-01 Peter 3/8/13 800 819 2
dcm-2-01-03 dcm-1143 Peter 3/8/13 800 802 808 2 Andrew noted it was using it's SN name on 3/8/13
dcm-2-01-08 dcm-1039 (?) Peter 3/8/13 800 801 1 Seems to have recovered.