How to cross reference Ash River and main NOvA ECLs

  • Make sure the "Textile Formatted" button is selected in the "Create New Entry" form.
    • If you are adding the cross reference in a comment to an existing entry, this is not needed.
  • Get the URL of the entry in the other ECL you want to reference. Do the following to get a server-independent URL:
    • Click on the entry header in the ECL.
    • Copy the link next to "URL:". You can do that several ways, such as right-click, then selecting "Copy Link Location" (or similar) on the resulting popup menu.
  • Insert the link with text to displayed by adding "text-to-display":link-from-previous-step to the entry. E.g.,
    see entry on "feb power cable installation": first
    will result in
    see entry on feb power cable installation first