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All about DAQApplicationManager

The expert is Kurt Biery so one can contact him if needed.

DAQApplicationManager currently monitors the dcms, buffer nodes, and manager applications like DataLogger, TriggerScalars, etc. Different colors represent different states of the system. One can hover the mouse over the color legend for full information about the state. For instance, you can discover that yellow (Active) means that the process is running as shown by a ps command.

This is a place where you click on buttons to restart the system processes on individual machines, restart dcms, etc.

This GUI is started by the StartRunControl icon .

On NDOS, the direct means of starting this was :

  • Open a terminal.
  • ssh novadaq@novadaq-ctrl-master
  • setup_online (this is the alias for the sourcing)
  • DAQApplicationManager &

This is what DAQApplicationManager looks like when you are in the middle of a run and everything is great. It turns all green like this during startSystem and should pretty much stay like that:

If you are ending a run, etc. but nothing went wrong (no dcm's have died and forced you to end a run, for example) the fully green state persists through the Then, after a stopSystem is finished and nothing went wrong, it should typically look like this:

Note: SpillServerApps DOES indeed stay on at this point. It is questionable if the experts really want it to work this way but this is how it works now and the manager isn't lying and nothing is wrong.

Sometimes the colors blink a bit. Kurt has made changes so this shouldn't happen as often. But there can be a lag between true status and displayed status and sometimes things blink color. One shouldn't panic too early - wait a minute to see what is really going on.

Restarting DCM

To restart a DCM through the GUI, please make sure you have already done a stopRunControl and stopSystem in a terminal. The DCM's should look either pink or red, as below. The red ones are the ones you probably need to reboot.

You can only restart one DCM at a time. To do this, right click on the box of the DCM you want to restart. A menu will appear - choose "Reboot DCM". You will get a window that pops up asking you if you want to reboot this dcm -- click yes. This is shown below.

Then you might have to click yes to a series of windows asking you if you want to keep trying to reboot (since sometimes this takes longer than others), shown below.

Eventually you will get a window that says the reboot was sucessful. Click "ok". At this point or a little earlier, the dcm should go from pink (if it had been pink) to red. Once the red goes back to pink (in about 1 mintue), you know the dcm is rebooted and ready to go, shown below. From this point, being with startSystem.

Starting and Stopping system processes

To start or stop a process on an individual machine right click on the machine of interest and choose either the Start Process or Stop Process Option.

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