All about DAQApplicationManager

This is a brand-new feature currently under active development. This, this page might quickly become out-of-date, however, Susan Lein and Kurt Biery will work hard to keep it up-to-date. The expert is Kurt Biery so one can contact him if needed.

DAQApplicationManager currently monitors the dcms, buffer nodes, and manager applications like DataLogger, TriggerScalars, etc. Different colors represent different states of the system. One can hover the mouse over the color legend for full information about the state. For instance, you can discover that yellow (Active) means precisely that the process is running as shown by a ps command.

Eventually, this will also be a place where you click on buttons to restart the system, restart dcms, etc. instead of doing it through the command line as we currently are. Kurt is working on this feature now - it is not currently in place. Also for future development will be the addition of the dcms for diblock 3 and muon catcher.