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NOvA Acronyms for Dummies

ADC Analog-to-digital converter
APD avalanche photodiode
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit
BNEVB buffer node event builder
CAEN electronics manufacturer (referring to power supplies)
CRL control room logbook
DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter
DAQ Data AcQuisition
DDS data distribution system (low level message passing for RMS)
DCM data concentrator module
DCS detector control system
DSO digital sampling oscilloscope
ECL electronic collaboration logbook
EPICS Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System
EVO enabling virtual organizations (system for video conferencing, message posting …. )
FEB front end board
FHC forward horn current
HAL hardware abstract layer
HV high voltage
IOC Input output control
MTU master time unit
NDSB near detector surface building
NDOS Near detector on surface
NOνA NuMI Off-axis ν e Appearance
NuMI Neutrinos at the Main Injector
PDB power distribution box(es)
PDS power distribution system
POT protons on target
RHC reverse horn current
RTD resistance temperature detectors
RMS responsive message system
SERDES Serialized Deserialized buffer
TEC thermo electric cooler
TDU time distribution units
TOF time of flight
WLS wavelength shifter(ing)

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