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h1. NOvA DDT (Data Driven Trigger) Wiki

This page contains information on the trigger systems for the NOvA experiment. These pages document how to develop, test, characterize and deploy triggers for the detectors. If you have questions, please contact Andrew Norman ( or Martin Frank (

h2. Operations and Shifter Instructions

Go here if you have operational problems with triggers running on the detectors.

* [[DDT On-Call Expert]]

These pages contain general information regarding how to interact with the trigger system.

* [[Shifter Instructions]]
* [[DDT Monitoring]]

h2. Trigger Rate, Bandwidth and Allocations Tables

These pages contain the up to date mappings of the triggers that are run on the NOvA detectors along with allocated bandwidths, prescales and other values affecting the allocation of DAQ/Trigger resources.

Current Tables (21NOV2014):

* [[Current Detector Trigger Rates|Trigger Rates]]
* [[Current Trigger/TriggerBit Assignments|Trigger Assignments]]
* [[Current Trigger Bandwidth|Bandwidth Allocation]]

* [[Adding Triggers|Adding and Updating Triggers]]

h1. Expert Instructions

* [[Testing a new Configuration FHICL]]
* [[Updating the Configuration FHICL]]
* [[Updating the UPS Product]]
* [[Building DDT product for novasoft]]
* [[Rogue DDT Processes]]

h1. Software Development

Instructions for getting started and working with the trigger software frameworks.

* [[Trigger Development]]

h2. Trigger Algorithms

These pages contain information regarding specific triggers in the Nova system.

* [[Nu_Mu Trigger| Muon Neutrino Trigger]]
* [[UpwardMu_Trigger|Upward going Muon Trigger]]
* [[Monopole_Triggers|Monopole Triggers (Slow and Fast)]]
* [[Energy_Triggers|Total Energy Triggers]]

* [[Activity_Triggers]]
* [[Calibration_Triggers|Calibration Triggers]]
* [[StoppingMu_Triggers|Stopping Muon Triggers]]

h2. Data Samples

All data collected by the Nova DAQ is split into different "streams" corresponding to the type of information that is being collected (physics processes, calibration, etc...)

h3. Zero Bias (Needs uodating - link broken - NB)

Zero Bias samples are collected as part of the normal readout. Information on how to use zero bias data:
[[Locate_ZeroBias|Locating Zero Bias Data]]

h3. Triggered Data

Data taken with NOvA are cataloged via the SAM system.

[[Locate_DDT_Data|Locating Data]]

Some small samples of (legacy) data can be found at @/nova/ana/trigger/data@

[[Data Files from NDOS|NDOS Data]]

h2. Other Resources

h3. "Doxygen Source Code Browser":

h3. "Nightly Build Report":

h3. [[Meeting Notes]]

h3. [[Errors]]

h3. [[Cookbook Incantations for DDT]]

h3. [[DDT Event Display]]