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Serdar Kurbanov, 09/02/2015 02:14 PM

Updating the UPS Product

This page describes how to build a new version of the novaddt UPS product together with the packages that it depends on and how to roll these new products out on the detectors.

Building the Products

Here's how to build NOvA DDT products

0. Go to /nova/app/users/<user> without executing setup_nova

cd /nova/app/users/<user>

1. Make changes and commit it to trunk

<changes changes changes...>
svn commit <>

2. Checkout NOvA DDT release:

svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaddt/novaddt.svn/trunk novaddt

3. Renaming version in trunk:

cd <your build dir>/novaddt/ups
chmod +x
./ <new version> (example: ./ v03_04_06)

4. Build mrb

mkdir <builddir>
cd <builddir>
. /grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals/setup
setup mrb
export MRB_PROJECT=nova
mrb newDev -v <new version> -q e6:on:prof (example: mrb newDev -v v03_04_06 -q e6:on:prof)
source localProducts_nova_<new version>_e6_on_prof/setup (example: source localProducts_nova_v03_04_06_e6_on_prof/setup)
cd srcs
svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaddt/novaddt.svn/tags/<new version> novaddt (example: svn co svn+ssh:///cvs/projects/novaddt/novaddt.svn/tags/v03_04_06 novaddt)

if there's a problem with some dependencies, say novaddtdeps, you'll need to do ... and then go back to mrbsetenv step
useful commands:
ups list -aK+ <package name> (example: ups list -aK+ <novaddtdeps>) - to list versions of that package available


mrb i -j8 --tee

Deploying the Products