Testing a new Configuration FHICL

If you want to test how your new trigger integrates with the existing DDTGlobalConfigurations file, first checkout DDTGlobalConfigurations:

newrel -t development sandbox
cd sandbox
addpkg_svn -h DDTGlobalConfigurations

Then add your new trigger setup into the appropriate FHiCL. For example for an NDOS trigger, edit DDTGlobalConfigurations/DDTGlobalConfiguration-NDOS.fcl to include your new trigger. Then comment out the lines that read from the live datastream:

# if using ddt-filter binary:
process_name: DDT
source: @local::live_data_stream
daq: @local::standard_daq

and comment in those below it that switch to the offline testing mode:

# if using nova binary:
process_name: DDTOffline
source: @local::root_file_reader
source.fileNames: [ "/nova/ana/trigger/data/old/ddt.root" ]
physics.producers.hitProducer.offline_mode:         true
physics.analyzers.sender.send_trigger_messages:     false
physics.analyzers.sender.verbose:                   true
physics.analyzers.sender.make_ganglia_metrics:      false

Then remake, and run the following test:

nova -c job/DDTGlobalConfiguration-NDOS.fcl

If nothing crashes and you see that your trigger actually fired e.g. you can see the name of your trigger path in the verbose sender output:

Begin processing the 88th record. run: 1 subRun: 0 event: 88 at 24-Jan-2014 13:29:41 CST
        sending 1 trigger messages for trigger module smmtrigger
        sending 2 trigger messages for trigger module tricelltrigger

then all is well. At this stage you should comment back in the livestream lines and comment out the offline test lines. You're then ready to commit your new, tested, file.